Liquid floor screed is extremely efficient, fast and accurate and here at Screedafloor we will use our wealth of experience within the industry to ensure you receive the best results. The material of the liquid floor screed we use allows us to create a thinner screed within the room, allowing you to reach the desired temperature of the room quicker and more efficiently, even without the underfloor heating we provide. Liquid Floor screed is also a lot more durable and stronger than a traditional screed.

The benefits of liquid floor screed

Liquid floor screed comes with many benefits, therefore making it become highly popular for builders and developers. One of the main benefits of liquid floor screed is that as it can be laid quite thin, not a lot of time and manpower is needed for it to be laid, therefore saving customers money. Liquid floor screed will also reduce your energy bills, by keeping the heat within the room consistent. Our liquid floor screed is much stronger and more durable than normal concrete, therefore meaning that you will need less material, reducing the amount of liquid floor screed you need.

Eco Friendly

Here at Screedafloor we suggest that pairing our liquid floor screed with our underfloor heating would give you the perfect combination. This is due to its high level of thermal conductivity, making sure that the heat stays within the room for as long as possible and will also reduce your carbon footprint, making your floor as eco-friendly as possible. Having a liquid floor screed that is eco-friendly will also highly improve the chances of gaining new building contracts from environmentally aware clients.

Here at Screedafloor we understand the stress that may come with having work done to your home or business. However, we will do everything we can to minimise any worries you may have, we will always work on time and to schedule, and if you have any questions or queries, all you need to do is give us a call and we will give you all the information you need.

What we provide

We also provide a large range of different screeds here at Screedafloor including traditional screeds, heavy duty screeds, Truflow Screeds, cementitious screeds and more.